Live Music at Southwold Primary School

Following their popular musical evenings on Southwold’s South Green, Magnus and Marije Johnston (two violinists from the distinguished Navarra Quartet, currently living in Southwold) and Nathan Williamson gave a concert for the children at Southwold Primary School on 1st October. It was fantastic to see the children having a wonderful time and experiencing live music, and understanding more about how violins work, what they are made of, and the wonderful variety of sounds they can make! This tied in very nicely with the children’s science project for the term which is all about the nature of sound and how it is made. Magnus, Marije and Nathan hope that it will be the first concert of many in local schools, although as the concert had to be held outdoors it might have to evolve into a music and movement class so the children don’t get too chilly come November!