Launching Volume 3 of ‘100 Years of British Song’

Here it is. Today is the official launch of  the third and final volume of ‘100 Years of British Song’. Alongside songs by John Woolrich, Peter Dickinson, Geoffrey Poole and Madeleine Dring, it also includes the first recording of my own music by myself, in a professional context.

Song and singing (in whatever genre) has been the backbone for all my music-making since forever, and its been fantastic to collaborate with a singer like James for nearly ten years now. That sort of in depth collaboration (all too rare) doesn’t happen without a lot of people behind the scenes – so huge thanks to all the patrons, funders and creatives who have made such a venture possible, in particular the fantastic team here at SOMM Recordings. And all the other composers represented here – I hope we have done you proud.

Click here to visit the SOMM website to listen to extracts and purchase the new CD.

These CDs are just the beginning, serving as the catalyst for my new venture, ‘The Art of British Song‘, a fledgling organisation aiming to showcase all things British song, its legacy and its future. Click here to visit our ‘work-in-progress’ website, watch a short video outlining our ideas, and learn more…