Malcolm Lipkin Piano Music

Malcolm Lipkin (1932-2017) is a fascinating composer whose work is gradually being rediscovered after years of relative obscurity. His works include three symphonies and a significant body of chamber and solo instrumental music. With a style characterised by a very distinctive tonality and precision of expression, he was strongly influenced by history, literature and religion, drawing inspiration from a wide range of references.

Nathan recently collaborated with the Lipkin Foundation and Lyrita Recorded Edition in a new recording of Lipkin’s solo piano works. The album features Piano Sonatas 5 and 6 and a cycle of eight Nocturnes, some of which have never been previously performed.

The album is available on all major streaming services.

Find out more in this short trailer from a documentary film, directed by Jesse Lawrence, on the recording of the album, with commentary from Adrian Farmer and Nathan Williamson.

Nathan is a colourist, he’s a poet.  He is probing himself and the music – and that’s very much what Malcolm’s music requires.  Adrian Farmer, Director, Lyrita Recorded Edition

A most valuable addition to the Lipkin discography.  I congratulate all those concerned in bringing about this very desirable outcome.  Nathan’s performance came across as not just penetrating but authoritative, besides fully meeting the considerable technical and emotional challenges involved.  Nigel Bonham-Carter, British Music Society

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