Trans-Atlantic Flight of Fancy

The title refers to me being in the UK and the band being in the US. Overall my piece is about a coming together of diversity – place, culture and, to a certain extent, time and memory – and making something of different ideas and views and situations. Except that I didn’t actually have any such ‘exchange’ in writing the piece – it was all just in my imagination.

I try to represent this musically by casting the piece in (two, mainly) very different styles which then combine. Also, much of the music is contrapuntal – not in a traditional sense, but in that it is made up of different events which work together through their diversity. It requires the performers to play together but somewhat independently (which is a lot harder than it sounds on paper…)

Music seems a pretty unlikely medium of communication at first glance – it certainly can’t express specifics very easily, for example – but the fact that I and a group of musicians on opposite sides of the world can work together through music, without meeting even speaking at all, and create something, is really inspiring – and oddly reassuring. I am hugely grateful to NOW for being true collaborators: prepared to listen to people from different places, and speak to them in return.

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