Intermezzo was written in 2012 in response to a commission to celebrate a 90th birthday.

As the dedicatee was an amateur organist and pianist with Welsh roots, I based the work on a theme from a popular Welsh hymn, imbuing my variations with characteristics from the dedicatee’s other favourite music, the late piano works of Schubert and Brahms – simple canons, modal cadences, and a reflective, simple and whimsical tone.

The resonances with late Schubert and Brahms make this piece an effective addition to recital programmes which include works by those composers.

The piece is featured as a ‘bonus track’ on Volume III of ‘100 Years of British Song’, a three-CD collection of 20th and 21st century British song with tenor James Gilchrist, for SOMM Recordings. This final volume in the series is scheduled for release on 14th January 2022.

A final score of the work will be published to coincide with this release, and will shortly be available for download from this website.

– NW, October 2020

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