Violin Futura

Featuring: Homecoming

In 2005, violinist and composer Piotr Szewczyk developed the Violin Futura Project, a collection of commissioned miniatures for solo violin that highlights over thirty international contemporary composers and how they are re-imagining the solo violin. “The purpose of the Violin Futura Project,” says Szewczyk, “is to sample the creative environment of our times by showcasing the wide variety of styles present in the 21st century, and to create a body of new solo violin repertoire.”

The results of [Piotr Szewczyk’s] efforts are most fascinating in the diversity of techniques, moods and colours the composers summon in their pieces… And its no small matter than Szewczyk is a violinist of exceptional finesse and flair. The composers on these discs could hardly have a more impassioned advocate for their music. Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone

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